Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Mystuff 3.1 and Ukopp 6,6

2018 Feb 11  Mystuff Release 3.1
  •  Fix sporadic menu drag if menu window left open after starting function.
  •  Update user guide for how to add new entries for installed applications.
  •  Files in .mystuff were made relative, to make this directory relocatable.

2018 Feb 11  Ukopp Release 6.6

 • Bugfix: the reported expired file versions exceeded files actually purged
    in the next backup job. The reported number was corrected.
 • The internal logic for calculating archive file statuses and counts was
    simplified and the archive status reports were improved.
 • A utility was added to renumber archive file versions to start at (1).
    This can be used to stop unlimited growth of version numbers for files
    that change frequently and are backed-up frequently.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Fotoxx Release 18.01.2

The Italian translation was updated.
Bugfix: fixed a cosmetic defect in the custom [small] spin buttons.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Fotoxx Release 18.01.1

Bug Fix:
Crash in metadata related functions if the default tag category 'nocatg'
has been deleted. This is now replaced automatically.

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Fotoxx Release 18.01

Technical Changes
  • The image index format was revised, requiring a new index initialization.
  • Image Index initialization: work is now divided among 4 parallel threads.
    On a computer with 4 processor cores and an SSD disk, indexing runs about
    3x faster (ca. 6000/min), but no speedup for a rotating disk (1000/min).
  • The maximum thread count for some functions was increased from 4 to 8,
    to better utilize the newest processors from Intel and AMD.
  • Use of the shell "find" command was mostly replaced with calls to glob().
    This makes it fail-safe against special characters in file names.
  • There is a new option to place the Fotoxx home directory wherever wanted.
  • Retained geocoordinate precision was improved (about 1 meter).
  • GTK widgets were downsized by reducing unnecessary margin padding.
    This can be revised or undone by editing the file "widgets.css".
  • The custom [small] spin button widget now spins increasingly faster when the +/- key or up/down arrow key is held down more than 1 second.
Functional Changes
  • The image index may now include up to 20 user-defined metadata items
    (search speed for indexed metadata is >1000x faster than non-indexed).
  • The restriction on sorting a metadata report was removed.
  • Updating Albums: GUI improvements make it easier to update affected
    albums after an image file is updated or a new version is created.
  • New slide show transition: the next image swells up from the middle and
    compresses the previous image out to the sides.
  • Galleries retain both sort order and scroll position within and across sessions. All galleries can be reset to 'file name ascending' with one button.
  • Retouch-Combo: GUI improved for setting white balance and black point.
  • Retinex: new edit function to improve color and contrast for images with
    extreme fog/haze or color cast (e.g. a scan of a 100 year-old photo).
    Retinex can also be used to add flair to most other images.
  • Batch Photo Date/Time: new function to fix missing or wrong date/time, or shift date/time a given amount (e.g. camera clock in wrong time zone).
  • Batch Geotags: Location and Country can be updated without changing the
    existing geocoordinates (e.g. fix chaotic names from the camera GPS).
  • Keyboard navigation: some search and select functions that output a list now allow navigation of the list using the arrow, page and home/end keys. Entering text makes the list scroll to the next entry with matching text.
  • KB shortcuts: most can be customized, most are available in gallery view. Functions that can have shortcuts were expanded from 27 to 94.
  • Menu text and background colors can be set to match a 'theme' or personal
    taste (the generated graphics and do not follow themes automatically).
  • Two batch RAW conversion functions were consolidated into one.
  • Search Images: added search by file mod date (in addition to photo date).
  • View360: View a 360° panorama image (e.g. Google photosphere).
    Viewpoint can turn through 360° and wrap-around by dragging mouse.
  • Mosaic: made much faster by using parallel threads. Blend is now instant.
  • KB shortcuts: make [+] key work as 'zoom-in' for any keyboard layout.
  • Zonal Flatten: allow zone count = 1 (i.e. use the entire image distribution).
  • Adjust HSL: use a sample spot of 3x3 pixels instead of one pixel.
  • Gallery view: arrow keys can step through files and jump across galleries.
Bug Fixes
  • Panorama: some PNG images with alpha channels were invisible.
  • Possible lockup after a long image indexing process. Exiftool memory leak.
  • Brightness Ramp: direction line sometimes persisted after function exit.
  • Albums: stop removing videos from albums if 'ffmpeg' or 'totem' is missing.
  • All directories tree: possible crash if navigating via keyboard arrow keys.
  • Search Images metadata report: missing data for the first image in the list.
  • Search Images using metadata selection: minor memory leak plugged.
  • Vertical Panorama: fine alignment via mouse made image partly disappear.
  • Favorites menu: stop crash if assigned menu is a 'top' menu (invalid).
  • Favorites menu: stop move of menu position if 'user settings' selected.
  • Some keyboard shortcut keys were not working for some KB layouts.
  • Spurious "kill active dialog" message if image-index [x] button is used.
  • Crash "max. dialogs exceeded" after 15 "Edit Brightness" done in a script.
  • Stop spurious log file diagnostic from thumbnail clicks: "fopen re-entry".
  • Batch Utilities: stop flashing of title bar with each file processed.
  • Crash "no thumbnail directory" received a better diagnostic.
  • Image Index: RAW file thumbnails omitted (auto updated when viewed).
  • Make all date/time input formats consistent.
User Guide
The user guide was audited to fix many minor errors and omissions.
The images were all updated and some were enlarged for better visibility. Clickable table of contents and topic index were added.
Wayland Note
Fotoxx works OK with Wayland/Xwayland with one exception: when an image is zoomed-in by clicking on a spot, the pointer no longer follows the spot but stays put. This is a known bug or omission (only the user can move the pointer). 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Ukopp Release 6.5

  • New [restored] command line option: $ ukopp -nogui <jobfile>
    Run backup job with no user interaction, for use in shell scripts.
  • Ukopp now expects to run as root. Use 'sudo ukopp' to start ukopp.
    Prior method using gksudo no longer works.
    Review the technical notes in the user guide.
  • Internal code cleanup.
  • Bugfix: count of purged archive files/versions was sometimes wrong.
  • Bugfix: specifying '0' retained versions or days created an invalid job file.

Saturday, October 14, 2017