Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.11.1

Bugfix: If there is no location data (city, country) in any existing image file, and an attempt is made to enter a location for the first time, using the menu Edit Metadata, Fotoxx may crash.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.11

  • New: Upload selected image files to the Flickr photo web service.
  • New: Unwarp Closeup: Reverse the distortion of a close-up face photo
    (e.g. selfie with balloon face or big nose). 
  • Location names may now encompass multiple [nearby] geocoordinates.
    When editing a photo geotag, select a map marker or add a new one.
    The image selection range of a map marker scales with the map scale.
  • Albums can be auto-updated when image files are edited to new versions.
  • Text config files for two Metadata reports were replaced with proper GUIs.
  • Add Text and Add Lines: style information (font, size, color, effects ...)
    can be saved to a file and re-used, to avoid many inputs.
Home Page: Fotoxx

Friday, October 14, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.10.3

Bugfix: occasional crash when saving an image to a new file or new version.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.10.1

  • Bugfix: memory management bug resulting in possible crash.
  • Translation updates: French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.10

  • Compensate GTK API changes in Ubuntu 16.10.
  • Keys F1 (= help) and Escape (= cancel) were made consistent in all dialogs.
  • The Select Hairy function and user interface were improved somewhat.
  • The image search function saves its output to the album Search Results
    (preserve search results when subsequent actions replace the gallery).
  • Batch Add/Remove Tags: the user interface was extended to make it easier
    to choose from existing tags or create new tags as needed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.09

Image Index:
  • Fotoxx startup is much faster when there are few new image files to index.
    Huge galleries also display faster. The image index file is converted to a new format. The old file is kept for safety, and can be deleted later. 
  • Indexing can be completely bypassed if Fotoxx is started from a file manager
    (e.g. Nautilus) to open a selected file, which displays instantly. Image edits
    work normally. Search and map functions are disabled because they require
    the image index. The index can be updated on demand or the next time
    Fotoxx starts normally. Set options using Tools > User Options.
Gallery View:
  • Galleries with images from multiple directories (from a search function, recent
    images query, timeline report, etc.) now include the lowest level directory name
    in addition to file name, photo date and thumbnail image.
User Options:
  • view last file version only:
    This option now affect both image file view and gallery view. If set, only
    the latest version of each image file is shown, also in gallery pages.
    Albums and results from search functions are not affected.
  • A user can optionally use the Mapbox map source by acquiring an access key.
    These are free for moderate map usage (50,000 tiles per month). See the
    User Guide for a description of the differences and how to obtain a key.
Batch Convert:
  • Inserting plugin text in the output file names was simplified. Photo dates
    (from EXIF metadata) can be inserted into the output file names.
  • The user data in /home/<user>/.fotoxx can now be located wherever wanted.
    This also enables multiple image collections, managed separately.
  • The report by location and date-group and the timeline report were made
    more elegant with non-scrolling table headers. Click on a table position to
    get a corresponding thumbnail gallery of images.
Gallery sort by photo date:
  • Multiple edit versions of the same photo had accidental order because they
    all have the same photo date. Resolved by using file mod date as tie breaker.
  • User Options: If a font was selected that had no monospace implementation,
    some report formats looked horrible. A generic monospace font is now used.
  • Gallery sort by photo date was incorrect after editing any photo dates
    (self-corrected after displaying some other gallery and then coming back). 
  • When saving a modified image as a new file or version, some obscure
    ITPC metadata was not being copied to the new file. 
  • Trim/Rotate: the [+90] and [-90] buttons failed if pressed multiple times.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ukopp Release 6.1

  • Increase internal buffer size to handle very long file names.
  • Add xdg-utils to package dependencies.
  • Correct error in user guide.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Ukopp Release 6.0

  • Bugfix: Reset the error status before error checking.
  • Verify the backup job after any changes are made, flag errors.
  • New feature: Show the differences between a file and any prior backup version,
    or between any two prior backup versions. Optional side-by-side compare
    (easy file chooser dialog + GUI interface for the GNU diff utility). 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.08.1

  • Translation updates for Portuguese and Italian.
  • Bugfix: Crash in Edit Bookmarks if list is empty and blanks are selected.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.08

Fotoxx 16.08 was released with the following changes:

  • Remove multiple images by clicking thumbnails.
  • Drag thumbnails from a file manager or gallery to an album and position.
Slide Show
  • The last image remains displayed until Escape is pressed
  • Transition preferences: fix large dialog that can overflow a small monitor.
Select Hairy
  • Show the tones currently being selected or deselected.
  • Select and deselect thresholds were adjusted for finer selectivity.
Select Area
  • Area edit: edge blending appearance was made smoother.
  • Area copy and paste: smoother edges via variable pixel transparency.
  • Use two parallel sessions to drag and drop thumbnails across galleries.
  • Report by location, new option: sequence by date-group and location.
  • Timeline report: create a table of image counts by year and month.
    Click on a year/month to produce a corresponding thumbnail gallery.
Color Mode
  • Sepia coloring was improved.
  • A new slider was added to adjust effect from zero to 100%.
User Options
  • Add an option to set the gallery background color.
  • The Favorites popup menu is initialized with defaults, if empty.
  • The mouse selection circle remains visible in transparent image areas.
Bugs fixed
  • Images by date-range and location: too many images were being selected.
  • Paste Area: brightness and edge blend adjustments reset each-other.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.07.1

OpenStreetMap terminated their free internet map service without notice.
A license is now required but the libchamplain interface has no means of
supplying this. The fix, for the present, is to use another map source,
OSM Mapnik, which is adequate but not as nice as OpenStreetMap.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fotoxx French translation

A new French translation was added to Fotoxx.
The current release version remains 16.07.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.07

  • Libraw is used in place of Dcraw. Dcraw is no longer required for Fotoxx.
  • Search Images: there is more flexibility to search for metadata matching
    one or more values, one or more substrings, or a range of numeric values.
  • The denoise method "flatten" was made faster and more effective.
  • New: Select Area Copy: select a hairy or ragged edge with fine control.
  • New: Select Area Find Gap: find the gap in a hand-drawn area outline.
  • Manage Albums: copy and paste from any gallery into an Album gallery
    using parallel Fotoxx sessions (album creation and editing made easier).
  • New user option: set the main window background color.
  • Bugfix: crash when saving a select area that includes image bottom edge.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.06

This release is mostly about improving the user interface, plus a few bug fixes.
  • Many popup tips were added to dialogs to improve ease of use.
  • Edit Metadata and Edit Geotags were integrated for better ease of use.
  • Edit Any Metadata: made easier to edit items not included in the pick-list.
  • Adjust HSL: improved output quality, more precise user control of output.
  • Image Search: finding images with no data (e.g. no tags) was simplified.
  • Image Search: search for images from specific locations was simplified.
  • Several functions were made easier to select and process image files in gallery
    view: View and Edit Metadata, Rename, Copy/Move, Delete/Trash, Upright.
  • New in image and thumbnail popup menus: jump to image map location.
  • Paint/Clone: undo memory for oldest edits is recovered as needed for new edits.
  • Unbend: made easier to use by including guidance icons in the dialog box.
  • Cartoon: small improvement in algorithm, small speedup.
  • Bugfix: Favorites > Previous Image: crash if initiated from Gallery View.
  • Bugfix: Map search range was increasingly inaccurate for higher latitudes.
  • Bugfix: Custom favorites menu could lose icons if an entry is deleted.
  • Bugfix: Slide Show: custom image settings (zoom target, transition type)
    were sometimes lost if the underlying album was edited or rearranged.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

2016 May 28

MyStuff Release 2.9

  • Bugfix: deleting a menu entry can result in other menus losing their icons.

zfuncstest Release 6.3
  • Application dialogs may have customized fonts.
  • gmenuz() (editable graphic menus): 
    • menu text can be optionally bold
    • compensate latest GTK API breakage
    • drag and drop launchers: add additional locations for icon search
    • bugfix: deleting a menu entry can cause other menus to lose their icons

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.05.1

  • Portuguese language updated.
  • Bugfix: crash if Trim/Rotate is initiated from the image popup menu.

Fotoxx Release 16.05

  • A new image location map was implemented using OpenStreetMap.
    This has superior functionality, but depends on having a fast and reliable
    internet connection. The old method (using large local map files) can still
    be used and may be preferable for custom maps.
  • New: Selective Rescale: Scale image down, leaving selected areas unchanged.
    This can be used to increase the relative size of the area of interest.
  • Gallery top panel has more information about current album or search view.
  • Font and map marker sizes are adjustable for monitor size and DPI.
  • Bugfix: no warning was given when a gallery thumbnail was opened and the
    previous image file had unsaved modifications which were silently discarded.
  • Bugfix: minor memory leak in Manage Albums. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.04.1

  • Bugfix: Saving an unmodified file with a new file type (e.g. tif to jpg) could produce a duplicate of the input file with the wrong file type (e.g. a tif file with a .jpg extension). 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.04

  • Initial file indexing was made faster by running metadata extraction and thumbnail creation in parallel. Speedup: 11% for 7200 rpm disk and 60% for SSD.
  • New image sharpen method: median difference: like unsharp mask, with less halos.
  • New slide show transitions: spiral, french door.
  • Bugfix: crash in panorama "flatten" function if image is too large.
  • Bugfix: failure of Add Lines function in rare cases (arcsin(1.000000x)). 
  • Workaround: If an image file that is used in albums is renamed or moved, the album image goes missing. There is no way to fix this, but now a report of the missing files is shown before they are purged from the album. If files are renamed or moved using the Batch Convert tool, then albums are correctly updated. 

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.03

  • New function Blur Background: select one or more areas (foreground) that
    remain sharp while the remaining areas (background) are blurred, optionally
    in proportion to distance from foreground. Also useful for the Tilt-Shift effect.
  • New function Add Transparency: based on brightness or a chosen color.
  • Edit Metadata: Editing a series of images that share common metadata
    was made faster and easier with a button to recall previous data.
  • The image size limit for editing was doubled to 250 megapixels
    (not realistic for computers with less than 16 GB main memory). 
  • Select Area: area edge distance calculation was made 2-3x faster.
  • Select Area: copy/paste retains both transparency and edge distance data.
  • Calibrate Printer Colors: the color chart and procedure were revised.
    This means you have to re-do the calibration (my apologies for this). 
  • Bugfix: Mashup: warping overlay images no longer leaves black margins
    where an image was pulled inward from the edge. 
Fotoxx home page

Friday, February 26, 2016

Mystuff Release 2.4.1

Links to additional windows can be created. Use forward and back links in a circular series or construct a hierarchy of menus/windows.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.02.1

  • Translation updates for Portuguese.
  • Bugfix: Resize: locking the width/height ratio did not always work.
  • Bugfix: Slide Show: sometimes failed to start.
  • Bugfix: If an album contains the same image file multiple times, stepping
    sequentially through the album loops from the Nth instance back to the first.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mystuff Release 2.3

New Feature:
Drag and drop a file (e.g. from Desktop or Nautilus) on to the mystuff window to create a menu entry to open the file with its default application. If the file is an image file, the menu icon is made from the image instead of the application icon. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Fotoxx 16.02 is released with the following changes

  • Add Text and Add Lines now work better for images with transparent areas.
  • New Effects > Cartoon: convert a photo into a cartoon-like drawing.
  • Paint/Clone: optionally paint over transparent areas, instantly or gradually.
  • Brasero was replaced by growisofs for writing image files to DVD/BlueRay disc.
    (growisofs underlies Brasero, K3b, and most other disc burning utilities).
  • Edit Any Metadata: UI improvement to better handle long text strings.
  • Batch Change Metadata: UI improvement to better handle long text strings.
  • New batch function: select image files by clicking thumbnails, output a file
    with a list of the selected files. Useful to feed shell scripts or other apps.
  • Function key changes: F10 for full screen with menu and panel, F11 without.
  • Batch Convert: overlay images (e.g. credit lines) can be sized for a constant
    screen display size, regardless of image size or aspect ratio.
  • When viewing images sequentially using the [prev/next] button or keyboard
    arrow keys, adjacent directories can be spanned without user navigation.
  • Command line option to initially open an album: $ fotoxx -album <name>
  • Bugfix: Retouch Combo: reset button did not reset everything.
  • Bugfix: Panorama: "file color" button caused image misalignment or crash.
  Cartoon Marilyn

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.01.1

Bugfix: Search Images using keyword tags failed for tags with uppercase letters.
Translation updates for Spanish, Catalan, Italian.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.01

Fotoxx 16.01 is released with the following changes:
  • Edit Any Metadata and Batch Add/Change Metadata: better user interface:
    mouse point and click to select metadata items from a list of likely items.
  • Panorama: a manual alignment option was added for images with no
    clear features in the overlap area that can be used for auto-alignment.
  • Batch Convert: add an overlay image to output images (e.g. a credit line).
  • Slide Show: minor changes to improve user interface (details in User Guide).
  • Image right-shift is now a user option with no more back-and-forth motion.
  • Search Images: new option for text data matching: case-sensitive or not.
  • New user option: default gallery sort: file name, file mod date, photo date.
  • A new function for color saturation was added (separate from Retouch Combo).
  • Bugfix: Search Images for metadata was including some non-matching images.
  • Bugifx: possible crash in Select Area if 'extend to corner' option is selected. 
Fotoxx home page: fotoxx