Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.11.1

Bugfix: If there is no location data (city, country) in any existing image file, and an attempt is made to enter a location for the first time, using the menu Edit Metadata, Fotoxx may crash.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fotoxx Release 16.11

  • New: Upload selected image files to the Flickr photo web service.
  • New: Unwarp Closeup: Reverse the distortion of a close-up face photo
    (e.g. selfie with balloon face or big nose). 
  • Location names may now encompass multiple [nearby] geocoordinates.
    When editing a photo geotag, select a map marker or add a new one.
    The image selection range of a map marker scales with the map scale.
  • Albums can be auto-updated when image files are edited to new versions.
  • Text config files for two Metadata reports were replaced with proper GUIs.
  • Add Text and Add Lines: style information (font, size, color, effects ...)
    can be saved to a file and re-used, to avoid many inputs.
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