Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous

  • Thumbnail Gallery: crash if RAW file thumbnails are set to a large size
  • Sharpen Image: error message if [apply] button and no method chosen
  • Retouch Combo: [reset] button failed to reset the [amplify] slider
  • Popup Menus: offset from mouse position to make menu cancel easier

  • crash if star count is revised and parameters are saved to a file

  • user interface was simplified

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fotoxx Release 17.04

  • Source code revisions for GTK API changes (Ubuntu 17.04, Fedora 25).
  • Implementation of AppImage, a distro-agnostic packaging format.
  • Smoother gallery scrolling via thread to pre-fetch thumbnail images.
  • Image Montage: join selected images together into a compact table format.
    Images included in the table can be clicked to show a full-size image.
  • Paint Image: modified to make it easier to use with a Wacom tablet.
  • Paint Image: use any image as a custom color palette - click to select color.
  • Edited images get an automatic tag, allowing "edited" as a search criteria.
  • Alien Colors effect: repaint an image or area with random strange colors.
  • Stack/Paint: Transient foreground objects can be removed automatically, and
    a moving subject can be shown in multiple positions against the background.
  • Twist effect: twist or swirl an image around a mouse-selected central point.
  • Script Files: most of the special effects functions can now be scripted.
  • Denoise - measure noise: the noise is better characterized as a scatterplot.
  • The desktop wallpaper functions were removed - they don't work with the
    latest Gnome desktop. 
User Interface
  • Paint Image and Clone Image were split into separate functions.
  • Trim/Rotate: margin sides can now be dragged, in addition to the corners.
  • Rename, Copy/Move, Delete/Trash: options were added to keep these dialogs
    open or not (keep open is easier/faster if processing multiple files).
  • Albums can now be sorted like any other gallery, but cannot be edited when
    in an out-of-sequence condition. To edit, re-open the album.
  • User Settings: an album name can be specified as the startup gallery.
Bug Fixes
  • Startup with a file parameter: now works for absolute or relative file name.
  • Correctly handle file and directory names containing '$' characters.
  • Voodoo functions can now be assigned to shortcut keys like any other.
  • Disallow re-sorting of a metadata report, which loses the link between
    images and their metadata. Sort the gallery before generating the report.
  • Copy to Desktop or Clipboard: an edited but unsaved file copies correctly.
  • Trim/Rotate: stop sporadic motion of zoomed image when margins are dragged.
Next release: planned for Oct. 2017 if there is significant new stuff.