Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fotoxx Release 17.08

  • Technical Changes
  • Thumbnails were enlarged to 512 pixels for faster galleries when using large thumbnails. To implement, delete your present thumbnails so that Fotoxx will generate new thumbnails.
  • Use of shell "cp" command was replaced with a copyfile() function, to make batch functions fail-safe against special characters in file names.
  • New widget types were implemented to make some dialogs smaller, to cover less of the image window. Numbers can be indexed up or down using the mouse wheel, arrow keys, or the +/- keys. The shift key can be held down to increase the step size and index speed by 10x.
  • Functional Changes
  • Video files display as both images (initial frame) and gallery thumbnails. Click to play. Otherwise they behave like image files - editable metadata, albums, search functions, slide show (auto play), etc.
  • Maps: save and recall named map locations - map position and scale.
  • Panorama: the flatten function was made variable and reversible.
  • Retouch Combo: the curve edit user interface was improved.
  • Galleries remember and restore their last scroll position with each view.
  • Select Hairy: improved algorithm, faster and better user interface.
  • Select Area > Find Gap: fatter lines are drawn for better visibility.
  • Custom Kernel: additional functionality. Ten more pre-installed filters.
  • Paint Image: added an HSL color chooser as an additional method.
  • Slide Show: 2 new transitions, 5 others made faster on slow computers.
  • Change Color Profile: EXIF profile name is updated and old profile deleted.
  • Export Image Files: added metadata relevant for photo web services.
  • Additional gallery view: small thumbnails with most relevant metadata.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Slide Show: workaround for GDK-pixbuf scaling bug.
  • Flickr Upload stopped working and was removed. Flickr and other photo web services can upload directly - see User Guide, Recent Changes.
  • A startup album name (if any) was getting replaced with blanks.
  • Retouch Combo: failed if "saved settings" directory missing (create it).
  • Index Image Files: failed if "recent files" file missing (create it).
  • Possible crash if Trim/Rotate [level] button is used (EXIF camera tilt).

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